/ Isn't it a good thing - to be loved by someone.  



/ My trying to be a nice person 'to do' list: - not to tell people to shut up - not to slap their faces - not to curse them to death - not to put bullets in their heads Don't you realize how hard it is to be a nice person? Being nice costs …

Hey, I'm sorry because I care, it's not your fault, you didn't ask me to do so, I know. I'm sorry because I give a fuck about you, which I guess I should not. It's ok anyway, you don't have to slap my face just to tell me that you're in pain, I ain't deserve …

The longer I live my life, the shorter I wish it could be. Why do we have to keep living when you feel so much pain while breathing?

The person you love won't love you back. The person loves you that you don't love back. Baby this is real life, come on, open your two little eyes and have a look around. You'll be fine with no love to nobody, no time to nobody.

Start from the bottom of the ocean and will always end up there. No matter how hard I try, the feeling won't go away, the reality won't change.